Climate Justice: Hands-on

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Thursday 24th – 9-11
English, French
 GA 135  Introductory, Experience in activism preferable

Climate Justice is System Change. We need to turn the World around! Now is the time to transform the profit drive, the economy, production and consumption, which is eating our planet alive. This hands-on workshop is for you if you want to imagine and discuss tactics that will make these changes happen defending us against reactionary politics and corporate greed. We start with a short input from various activists with global experience in specific campaigns in problematic sectors such as fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, metallic mining and so on; then we focus on local and global actions and resistance already taking place. Join our open debate, let’s exchange ideas and get active together!


  • Bernd Liefke is part of the Attac Germany working group „Energy, Climate, Environment“. He will speak about different initiatives for energy democracy, such as the movement for re-communalization of the Hamburg utilities.
  • Sam Lund-Harket, Global Justice Now (UK)
  • Tony Phillips is an activist with Attac Ireland. As author and alternative economist he works on debt and development from the perspective of the periphery with a focus on ecology and Climate Justice, especially energy and mining in South America.
  • Magdalena Heuwieser, activist at “System Change, not Climate Change!” Austria
  • Mira Kapfinger, activist at “System Change, not Climate Change!” Austria


  • Attac Germany, Germany
  • Attac Ireland, Ireland
  • Ende Gelände, Germany
  • Global Justice Now, UK
  • System Change not Climate Change!
  • Attac Austria