Resist and come up with opportunities

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Thursday 24th – 14:15-16:15
German, French
 GA 144  Introductory

From the outset, Notre-Dame-des-Landes has first and foremost been a peasant battle to save the basis of their livelihoods, it is also an environmental struggle to save a biosphere and overall it is a resistance movement against the airport and the world it represents; against useless and imposed mega projects. In 2017, this has become an emblematic struggle, within and beyond France. The strength and stamina of this resistance movement, the diversity of its participants and their experiences, the relevance of the problems it highlights have resonated widely. It is reaching the streets, on the four levels or…in the Bocage in Normandy, for example during operation cesar in 2012, and hundreds of people stand ready to face an operation cesar 2 in the upcoming months.

It is also embedded in the occupation of land and expropriated buildings. In practical alternatives in terms of production, exchange (non-monetary) that make it possible to come up with opportunities through the way in which they organise decision-making processes and their lives together. For several years the zadists have organised many things in a creative way: places to live, agriculture, electricity, bread, a non-market, collectives of life, cooperation, self-management, integrating people facing problems…they’re not claiming to have all the answers, they just know what they want – and what they don’t want.

Using these examples as a basis, this workshop will examine how resistance and construction can converge in daily life and will map a path towards a different but possible world.


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