Saturday, it's fiesta time!

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Saturday, 26th – 21:00-2:00
English, German, Spanish, French
 Scène extérieure

A massive fiestAttac from 9pm and throughout the night, the time is now to party!

Three Toulousan bands will take us on a voyage to the rhythm of drums, guitars and synths: there will be something for all tastes.

Let’s resist, debate, dance!

But save some energy for Sunday as the Summer University isn’t over yet!

Entrance: Pay As You Feel – pay as much or as little as you want (but not nothing please)
Local and organic food available on the premises, and a bar with local drinks that won’t cost the Earth!

Momar Afrodream
“Momar narrates for us his stories on the devilish rhythms of an Africa that is at once violent and enchanting”

“From Ferré to Brel, the diverse sources of inspiration of l’Erreür are sure to cause trouble, come and move to the sound of the beatmakers and blues-tinted hip hop”

El Comunero
“The revolutionary rock of the songs of the Spanish Republic still resonate! Come and dance to the son de la barricada!”