My little pink dress and my tits: rape culture, sexuality and feminism (a gesticulated conference) {{Friday 25 August, 7pm}}

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Friday 25th
 Jardin Sémélé

Friday 25 August, 7pm

Sometimes I feel tired of being a woman... Not because I want to change sex, no. But I’ve had enough… Enough of being afraid to return home of an evening, of having a cleavage that’s too deep, of not having enough pleasure, of having to repeat things to be taken seriously… What if there were many of us in this situation? And if the problem was societal, systemic?
In song and in music (well almost…) we deal with rape culture, education, family but also sexuality and feminine pleasure.

Jardin Sémélé or Canopy (more info at the “reception” stand)


Julie Tessuto