The best will do: “A history of consumer cooperatives from yesterday to tomorrow” (cinema)

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Thursday 24th
 American Cosmograph – 24, rue Montardy, 31000 Toulouse

It all began in 1844 when the workers of Rochdale (near Manchester, GB), tired of being abused by local traders, regrouped to form the very first cooperative and laid down its principles. Becoming widespread first across the UK, then Europe and the world, cooperatives represent a mode of organisation of work and of consumption in opposition with the dominant capitalist system. Having known, in France, a rapid development up to the 1980’s, the “Coop”s must contend, with varying degrees of success, with the bulldozer of the supermarket chains with their centralised purchasing. Today, new kinds of consumer cooperatives are emerging here and there, showing that it is possible to propose in a participatory format an access largely open to local and quality products.


Denys Piningre