A grand opening with much pomp!

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Wednesday 23 – 17-20
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 Amphi 630  Introductory

Wednesday 23 August at 5pm, we will meet in the lecture hall “amphi 630”. The time is now to open the European Summer University for social movements. Co-organised by the European Attac Network and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, this inaugural session of the Summer University will pass the microphone to international speakers known for their engagement and for their analysis of the world as it presents itself today.


Susan George, writer, honorary president of Attac France, president of the council of the Transnational Institute, USA/France,
Susan George participated in the foundation of both of these organisations, she’s a passionate anti-globalisation activist who has made the fight against multinational corporations the spearhead of her action. She has been deeply involved in the campaigns carried out by these organisations against the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment), the WTO and furthermore today’s Free Trade Agreements. A writer, she has published several major works on the subject including The Lugano Report, (Pluto Press, 1999), Whose Crisis, Whose Future? (Polity, 2010) and furthermore Shadow Sovereigns (Polity, 2015).

Achille Mbembe, historian and philosopher, Cameroon
Achille Mbembe is a teacher, currently at the University of Witwatersrand of Johannesburg in South Africa and head of research at the Wits Institue for Social & Economic Research (WISER). An activist with the Young Christian Students at the beginning of his studies of history in Cameroon when the African continent found itself bubbling over intellectually following the struggles for decolonialisation, he is today one of the principle theorists of post-colonialism. After a doctorate in History at La Sorbonne, Mbembe spent several years teaching at different universities in the United States. His numerous publications touch essentially on neo-colonialism and post-colonialism, the geopolitics of the African continent and look at the questions of democracy in the 21st century, of identity, of race, of borders and of social fellowship. His two most recent published works (in French) are Politiques de l’inimitié (Paris, Editions La Découverte, 2016, 184 p.) and Critique de la raison nègre (Paris, Éditions La Découverte, 2013, 263 p.).

Zoe Konstantopoulou, lawyer, ex-Speaker of the Greek Parliament, founder of the movement Course of Freedom, Greece
Zoe Konstantopoulou was a campaigner for Syriza then for the Popular Unity party before founding in April 2016 the movement-party Plefsi Eleftherias (“Course of Freedom”). As Speaker of the Parliament in 2015, she notably created the Commission for Truth on Greek Public Debt which released its report but whose arguments for the cancellation of the unsupportable, odious, illegal and illegitimate parts of the debt were never heard by the government of Tsipras… Affirming that we must lead “a struggle for freedom” with regards to the European Union, Zoe Konstantopoulou has joined the dynamic of the “Plan B” on the European scale and is attempting to assemble at the heart of her movement those disappointed by Syriza’s mandate.

Edwy Plenel, jounalist and founder of Mediapart, France
Edwy Plenel is one of the founders of the news hub Mediapart, having worked for 25 years for Le Monde, where he was the editor in chief between 1996 and 2004. Mediapart, which in March 2017 claims 130 000 subscribers, has played a key role in the revelation of numerous affairs and has made political investigations the heart of its activity. Edwy Plenel is also the author of numerous works including several essays such as, in 2014, Pour les musulmans (Paris, La Découverte, 2014) denouncing islamophobia and isolationism and Dire nous. Contre les peurs et les haines, nos causes communes (Paris, Don Quichotte, 2016; Seuil, “Points”, 2017).


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