The left and the social & ecological movements: an assessment of the alterglobalist movement today

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Sunday 27th – 14.15-16.15
English, German, Spanish, French
 Amphi B  Introductory

Over the past years, the pace of change, at every level, has accelerated.
This plenary will focus on the transformation of movements, in particular after 2011, and on the debate among the left. We will present the situation in three continents:
South America: the left governments arrived in power 15 years ago, generating a wave of hope all over the world. What is the evaluation of these governments and what is the situation of social movement in the continent?
USA: both the Sanders campaign and the huge rise of mobilisations before and after the election of Trump are important for the rest of the world
Europe: despite the strength of social movements across Europe and the new political experiences such as Greece, Spain, and the UK, there is still a huge challenge of coordination (after the end the European Social Forum).


Maristella Svampa, sociologue, Argentine
Cindy Wiesner, coordinatrice Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, États-Unis
Anastasia Matsouka, avocate, Grèce


European Attac Network
Fondation Rosa Luxemburg