Tactics for social and ecological change

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Saturday, 26th – 17-19
English, German, Spanish, French
 Amphi B  Introductory

As outcomes of the dominant economic model, climate change, the destruction of nature, injustice and inequality are interlinked: if the crisis is systemic, we need systemic solutions. But how do we achieve social and ecological transformations of our economy? By which actions is social change made? And what role does civil disobedience need to play? We will look at struggles against airport expansions, gas pipelines, privatization of water, and land grabbing to learn how to act and mobilize effectively and to bridge single-issue campaigns into a powerful force of alter-globalization.


Massa Koné, Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles, Mali
Richard Collett-White, Plane Stupid, UK
Elena Gerebizza, Re:common, Italy
Aracelli Lozano, Plataforma Contra la Privatización del Canal de YII, Spain
Jonathan M. Smucker, Executive Director of Beyond the Choir, organizer with Lancaster Stands Up, and author of Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals, USA


European Attac Network
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung