Bridges not borders : Building an Europe where migrants are welcome

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Friday 25th – 17-19
English, German, Spanish, French
 Amphi B

Thousands of people are dying each year on the borders of the European Union. They are fleeing war, desperate poverty and even the effects of climate change, but the EU is trying to keep them out.
Across Europe, far-right groups are gaining influence on government policy. Yet from Lampedusa to Calais, migrants are fighting for their rights, and many ordinary people are acting in solidarity with them. How do we build on these struggles to create a common movement for universal rights, which also integrates migrants into all of our social struggles? Let’s build a Europe of solidarity against the EU’s border regime!


  • Marie-Christine Vergiat, eurodéputée (GUE)
  • Tatiana Garavito, organiser Hope not Hate, Royaume-Uni
  • Oscar Reina Gomez, porte-parole du sydincat paysan SOC-SAT, Espagne


  • European Attac Network