The End of the Western World? Emancipatory answers to the transformation of the international system towards a multipolar world

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Thursday 24th – 17-19
English, German, Spanish, French
 Amphi B  Introductory

We witness a profound transformation of the international system. After 500 years of dominance of Western Europe and its North American offspring over the „rest of the world,“ we are heading towards a multi-polar world. This transformation contains new opportunities and new risks. Is there a chance for peace and democratization of the world order or will instability, conflict and war prevail? The panel will look into the complexity of the new problems beyond simplistic black and white schemes. A focus will be on the Middle East and Europe - from the Atlantic to Vladivostok.


Janette Habel, Institut des hautes études d’Amérique latine, France
Jürgen Wagner, Info Center on Militarization, Germany
Gilbert Achcar, politist, Lebanon


European Attac Network