“New politics” in Europe

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Sunday 27th – 11.15-13.15
English, French
 GA 147  Introductory

This workshop has as its aim to discuss the new forms of political expression in Europe and their articulation with the social movements. These last few years have seen the appearance of new political formations, like Syriza, Podemos or France Insoumise or radical changes in direction within existing formations as in Great Britain with the election of Jeremy Corbyn. A rapid transformation of the political scene while the social, democratic and environmental struggles are developing in numerous countries and regions of the continent.

A collaborative project initiated by TNI, based in Amsterdam, is working on these questions by bringing in numerous movements and NGOs from Europe and from other continents, see http://new-politics.info/ . This workshop will be the occasion to review this project but also and above all to have an exchange on the different European experiences in the presence of actors active in this process.



  • Attac France
  • Transnational Institute