Whistleblowers in Europe

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Thursday 24th – 11.15-13.15
English, French
 GA 144  Experience in activism preferable, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

This year, the European Commission (EC) launched an initiative on whistleblowing following the mobilisation of European civil society. If it is carried through, the European Commission initiative could lead to a directive improving the protection offered to whistleblowers and the way in which their revelations are dealt with. We will present the ongoing mobilisation and propose that participants think of ways to bolster them.


-* Martin Jefflén. Issu de syndicalisme suédois, Martin Jefflen est Président d’Eurocadres, la voix de près de 6 millions de cadres en Europe. En 2016, Eurocadres a impulsé la plateforme WhistleblowerProtection.EU, qui réunit actuellement 80 syndicats et ONGs et milite pour la protection des lanceurs d’alerte à l’échelle européenne.
  • Anna Myers. Ancienne directrice adjointe de Public Concern at Work, Directrice du Whistleblowing International Network (WIN)


  • Sciences Citoyennes, France
  • Eurocadres, Belgique
  • Whistleblowing International Network (WIN)