Chronicles of an ex-banker – a gesticulated conference

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Sunday 27th – 11.15-13.15
 GA 141  Introductory

“Finance and banking, it’s complex, very complex – the business of experts. So move on please, and let these gentlemen get on with their work.”
We will have, then, nothing to say about these banks, which explode in our faces, which look down on us, putting governments on a leash – and which we can’t manage to bypass, so essential are their services? The banks and finance require a thinking which goes beyond the reasoning of expertise. And it’s perhaps here that we need to begin: asking the question of the space that we want to give them; the question which can legitimately master the super-powers which allow the banks to decide, through credit, which ideas see the light of day. Is that not a major stake in a world in which everything (or almost) passes through the financial grinder, and in which the political, social and environmental catastrophes are piling up?

This “gesticulated conference” was created in the context of training given by ASBL La Volte and will be presented for the first time at the Théàtre national de Bruxelles on 24 June 2017. Several dates of performances are booked for the second semester of 2017, in Belgium.


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