Subversive campaigning and media activism for everyone

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Sunday 27th – 11.15-13.15
English, French
 GA 131  Introductory, Experience in activism preferable

From bot armies to challenge sexist discourse on Twitter to staging a press conference to claim responsibility for environmental mismanagement in the name of corporation, there are a number of creative and disruptive tactics that campaigners can use to get their issue into the media. In this workshop, Peng! Collective will share examples of their work, and the learnings from numerous efforts to spark public debate across a range of issues. Then we will open the space for creative brainstorming of action ideas, free from the limits of funder mandates or handbrake managers!


Faith Bosworth: co-founder of the Peng! Collective.


  • Global Justice Now’s youth network
  • Lesbians and Gays Support the MIgrants