Commons and Labour: Making a living building the new world from the shell of the old

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Saturday, 26th – 11.15-13.15
English, German
 GA 143  Advanced theoretical discussion

Inspired by Karl Polanyi’s ‘Great Transformation’ this workshop looks at how, as forms of resistance to the processes of capitalist enclosure, Commons and Solidarity Economy go beyond the dictates of market and profit to recover, discover and invent new ways of living and working that re-embed and place ethical economy in the service of the common good and at the heart of social life.


Klaus Prätor (Attac working group solidarity economy, Commons institute, Forum solidarity economy), philosopher and computer scientist, is active in the field of solidarity economy, e.g. in projects with Southern Europe and investigating since many years history and presence of the commons.
Kevin Flanagan is an Irish artist and activist with a deep interest in Commons and Solidarity Economy. His current research focus is on Urban Commons. He is an associate of the P2P Foundation and a Phd Candidate at the department of Anthropology at the National University of Ireland Maynooth.
Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen,
Sociologists and freelanced journalist, community gardening activist and
one of the mains founders of the community garden “Allmende-Kontor”
(somehow “commons office”) at the former airport of Tempelhof in Berlin,
who brought the idea “to reclaim the commons” from Northamerica back to


  • Attac AG Solidarische Ökonomie, Deutschland
  • Síolta, Ireland
  • AG Kleinstlandwirtschaft und Gärten, Deutschland