BEAUTIFUL TROUBLE – A global toolbox for creative nonviolent direct action

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Sunday 27th – 9-11
English, French
 GA 131  Introductory, Experience in activism preferable

Movements multiply their chances of success when they can draw upon each other’s best strategic insights and creative approaches — which is precisely the role that the Beautiful Trouble toolbox plays. It is a multi-platform toolbox for creative organizing that seeks to bridge the ‘digital divide’ that separates organizers by age, income, and geography. Over a hundred frontline organizers from five continents, as well as notable movement strategists Arundhati Roy, Vijay Prasad, George Katsiaficas, and Mark and Paul Engler have contributed hard-won lessons and analysis already. We invite you for a test of what it can do, and how you can become part of serving it back to the movements where it belongs. Naomi Klein has described the project as “elegant and combustible”. Join a practical workshop on how to make campaigns and actions more visible, fun and something entirely new.


Søren Warburg, Dad, political organiser, strategist and Rosa Luxemburg lover.


  • ActionAid Denmark, Denmark
  • People Solidaires, France