TTIP-free Municipalities: from building resistance to building alternatives to free trade

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Friday 25th – 9-11
English, French
 GA 147  Experience in activism preferable, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

More than 2000 municipalities across Europe have stood up in the past years to say no to CETA, TiSA & Co and therefore to say no to the further liberalization of public services and more rights for corporations. More and more of these municipalities do not only resist but build together with social movements, farmers and SMEs a new economy from below. Remunicipalisaton of water and energy as well as supporting the building of local food systems and the solidarity economy are at the core as well as experimenting with new forms of democracy. Let us together share the experiences on how we can strengthen the resistance against free trade agreements at the local level and build at the same time alternatives based on solidarity and the vision of a good life for all.


  • Arno Belau - Attac D, aktiv in der Kampagne gegen Freihandelsabkommen und im Netzwerk TTIP-freie Kommunen
  • Lucia Barcena (Ecologistas en Accion)
  • Lavinia Steinfort (Transnational Institute, TBC)
  • Martin Konecny – aktiv im Netzwerk Seattle to Brüssel


  • Attac Deutschland
  • Attac Österreich
  • Seattle to Brussels Network