The casualization of the work in three founding countries of the European Union: Germany, France, Italy

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Thursday 24th – 9-11
English, French
 GA 144  Introductory

What is the situation of the work and the employment in three bigger economy of the European Union? In Germany, what is the situation after more than 15 years of reforms Hartz? In France and in Italy, how did the deregulation stress the precariousness?


-* Thomas Eberhardt-Köster - Attac, Allemagne
  • Mireille Bruyère - Economistes Atterrés, France
  • Valeria Cirillo - Scuolo Superiore Sant Anna di Pisa, Italie


  • Attac Allemagne
  • Économistes atterrés - France
  • Sbilamciamoci! - Italie