Shorter Working Hours - A Socio-ecological Project For Another Europe

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Friday 25th – 11.15-13.15
English, German, French
 GA 141  Experience in activism preferable, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

Unemployment and destruction of nature are the most urgent problems to solve actually. unemployment because the main cause of poverty and the basis of prospectivelessness of the youth, destruction of the nature because it will deleate the basis of all our life. the recepy always proposed by the dominant politics and economy: “growth” doesnt work anymore in Europe and even if it would work we should not use it for ecological reasons. the only remaining solution for these problems, at the same time creating jobs and saving nature, is the equal distribution of the existing resp. in the process of digitalisation and robotisation remaining jobs to all. at the moment we would receive full employment with a 30hours-week, prospectively we will come to around 20 hours per week (as proposed from the New Economics Foundation in England). The AG ArbeitFairTeilen from attac/Germany and the Collectif Roosevelt/France are promoting campaigns for the reduction of working hours in their countries and building a network on the European level of organisations (trade unions, churches, ngo´s and others), scientists and European politicians that already fight for shorter working times. there the different proposals on working time reduction, the opposition against them from lobbyist of the capital and the neoliberal parts of politics and science and ideas to develop common strategies on an European level for shorter working hours are discussed.
In the workshop we want present these ideas and discuss and network with people of other organisations and countries who also are engaged in this matter.


Speakers: Micha Amiri, attac-activist AG ArbeitFairTeilen, München
 Margareta Steinrücke, sociologist, attac AG ArbeitFairTeilen, Bremen
 Christian Faure, Member of the Board of Collectif Roosevelt France
 Jean-Marie Perbost, economist and journalist, Collectif Roosevelt, Paris
 Evelyne Perrin, sociologist and specialist for precarious work, attac France (asked)


  • Attac Deutschland/AG ArbeitFairTeilen
  • Collectif Roosevelt, Frankreich
  • Attac France