European Municipalities for the democracy and solidarity against debt and austerity

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Thursday 24th – 9-11 / 11.15-13.15 / 14:15-16:15
Spanish, French
 GA 131  Introductory, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

Three workshops:
- The ’rebel cities’ against austerity
- The cities of sanctuaries. A topic linked to migrants and migrations. Building a culture of hospitality and welcome.
- The cities in transition across Europe. The cities that experiment with direct forms of democracy


  • Yago Alvarez, Red Municipalista contra la Deuda Ilegítima / PACD
  • Laurence Boubet, Attac France
  • Elise Gilliot, Attac Wallonie
  • Stefano Risso, Attac Italia, Cadtm
  • Eric Toussaint, CADTM
  • Sonia Abella, Barcelona en Comú
  • René Dahon, Roya Citoyenne
  • Daniel Rallet, Attac France
  • Iolanda Fresnillo, Ekona / Plataforma Auditoria Ciudadana de la Deuda (PACD), Barcelona
  • Lavinia Steinfort, Transnational Institute
  • Roberto Spini, Attac Italia


  • Attac España
  • Attac France
  • CADTM Belgique
  • CADTM France
  • ATTAC Italie
  • FEC
  • Corporate Europe Observatory
  • Attac Wallonie
  • Commonspolis