The impact of globalisation, migrant women and employment

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 GA 139  Introductory

Austerity policies endanger many countries’ key economic sectors. Women are hit particularly hard. Some emigrate, working in sectors dominated by female labourers in countries in the north (caring, cleaning, etc.) as well as in countries of the south (such as the maquiladoras of Mexico’s free trade zones).

How is liberal globalisation impacting women’s employment? Which migration or organisation strategies can be used in the workplace?


  • Tatiana Garavito, Hope not Hate (UK)
  • Murielle Guilbert, Union syndicale solidaires (FR)
  • Huayra LLanque, Attac France
  • Khadija Maaras, Attac Maroc
  • Oscar Reina Gomez, porte parole du syndicat espagnol SOC


  • Attac France
  • Union syndicale Solidaires
  • Attac Autriche