Subverting Big Pharma

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Friday 25th – 14:15-16:15
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 GA 139  Introductory

Big Pharma have sold us a lie so big even Trump would blush. They have become the world’s most profitable industry by leaching off public research and bleeding health budgets dry, leaving even wealthy countries unable to afford new medicines. But meanwhile their slick PR and friends in the right places help them appear as the leaders of innovative solutions, and the only ones who know how to look after the health of society.

Learn about the problems with Big Pharma from price monopolies to corruption, and how people globally are changing narratives and taking back control of our health. (399 characters)


Tabitha Ha - campaigner at STOPAIDS UK and coordinator of the Missing Medicines Alliance
Morten Thaysen - Campaigner at Global Justice Now
Manuel Martin - Organiser with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines - UAEM
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