Finance : what do we know ! How do we change it ?

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Friday 25th – 9-11 / 11.15-13.15 / 14:15-16:15
English, French
 Amphi A  Introductory, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

Three sessions :

  • ’What you did not know about finance and why you should’ ?
  • Issues of concern from civil society perspective - ‘getting into the dirth of finance’ : Financial lobbies, Capital market Union, To-big-to-fail banks, Shadow banking, …
  • ‘What should we do about finance?’ Interactive discussion on strategy for the European organizations & networks


Lisa Mittlestein, Attac Austria
Myriam Vander Stichele, Somo, Netherlands
Peter Wahl, Weed, Germany
Benoit Lallemand, finance Watch, Belgium (to be confirmed)


  • ATTAC France
  • Attac Austria
  • Attac Germany
  • SOMO
  • WEED