Alternative approaches to agriculture and food in a new Europe

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Friday 25th – 14:15-16:15 / Saturday, 26th – 11.15-13.15 / 14:15-16:15
English, German, Spanish, French
 Amphi C  Introductory

This seminar will address the causes and consequences of agricultural crises in France, Europe and the rest of the world, in particular in Africa. It will also examine the income farmers earn from agriculture, subsidies, food sovereignty.
1. Peasants’ independence and access to resources
2. In favour of new European agricultural and food policies. How can we strengthen European food sovereignty movements?


-* Guy Kastler (peasant, Confédération paysanne)
  • Lucile Daumas (Attac Marocco)
  • Massa Koné (resp. alliance against land grabbing West Africa)
  • Oscar Reina Gomez (Porte parole du SOC Andalousie)
  • Aurélie Trouvé (Attac France)
  • Guillaume Cros (conseiller régional – rapporteur de l’avis sur la PAC post 2020 du Comité de Régions - Europe)
  • Carla Weinzierl (Attac Austria)
  • Geneviève Savigny (Coordination européenne Via Campesina)
  • Pierre Besse (AMAP)


  • Attac France et Autriche,
  • Obv Autriche,
  • Confédération paysanne France,
  • Uniterre Suisse,
  • Coordination européenne de Via Campesina,
  • SOC-SAT (Espagne)
  • Miramap