Banks, a financial system and currencies that serve society

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Thursday 24th – 9-11 / 11.15-13.15 / 14:15-16:15
 Amphi B  Introductory, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

1/ The ethical bank

  • Why banks are serving the public interest less and less
  • How the ethical bank works – the case of the Nef cooperative
  • The challenges involved in running an ethical bank in a competitive and regulatory environment.

2/ A financial system based on solidarity and participation (run by Coop57 and IES)

  • A financial system of solidarity that facilitates an environmental and social transition
  • The experience of the IéS cooperative (Toulouse)
  • Connecting people around ethical projects through participative finance

**3/ Local currencies that serve areas (run by local currency stakeholders)
  • How to create a local currency
  • The impact of local currencies on income-generating activities and social organisations
  • An overview of several experiences: Abeille, Eusko, Violette


  • Abeille – Agir pour le Vivant (Françoise et Philippe Lenoble)
  • AdepéS (Bérénice Dondeyne)
  • Attac France (Dominique Plihon),
  • Eusko (Xebax Christy)
  • IéS Tarn (Gérard Coadou)
  • La NEF (Elsa Constanzo, Simon Ducoffe)
  • SOL (Buno Demena)


  • Attac France
  • La Nef