Nuclear and financial lobby – the power to block reform

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Friday 25th – 11.15-13.15
English, French
 GA 147  Introductory

The nuclear and financial industries present in France are similar in many ways: they are key sectors for the economy, dominated by large oligo-politico companies subject to conflicts of interest, are in crisis and present a great risk to the economy and society. We thus need a serious break with the past.
We will analyse why recent attempts to reform these two sectors have been aborted and will debate what strategy social and citizen movements should use to organise a real counter-power to ensure that the common good is respected.


-* Dominique Plihon (Attac France)
  • André Crouzet (Coordination sud-ouest anti-nucléaire)
  • Christine Pagnoulle (Attac Liège)


  • Attac France
  • Fin du nucléaire (Belgique)