Controversial gas import projects for European energy security? Resistances in Spain, Italy and West Africa… MidCat, TAP, GAA - key projects for European energy security?

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Saturday, 26th – 9-11
English, French
 Amphi C  Introductory, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

Millions of EU money are spent to finance priority gas projects, so-called PCIs, supposed to significantly contribute to market integration, sustainability, diversification and security of supply.
Based on 3 example pipelines – MidCat, TAP and GAA – we’ll analyse the real interests behind these projects.
Local and global resistances against gas infrastructure plans grow, and they ask questions : How much energy do we really need and how can we reduce our energy consumption and fossil fuel dependence ? What about devastating social, economic & climate impacts of gas extraction?


-* Frida Kieninger (FWE)
  • Elena Geberizza (Re-Common)
  • Lucile Daumas (Attac Maroc)
  • Jacqueline Balvet (Attac France)


  • Attac France
  • Food and Water Europe
  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation