For a Europe of peace, disarmament and cooperation

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Friday 25th – 9-11 / 11.15-13.15 / 14:15-16:15
English, French
 GA 143  Introductory

The seminar will analyse the present trends of militarization in the EU behind the geo-political changes in the international system.
It will look into the involvement of the EU and major member states like France and Germany in armed conflicts and into
the attempt to transform it into a neo-imperial, global superpower.
Finally, alternatives for emancipatory policies of peace, disarmement and political conflict resolution will be discusses


Claude Serfati, Chercheur, Economie Politique du Militaire


  • Mouvement de la Paix, France
  • Scientific Council of Attac Germany
  • Assemblée européenne des citoyens - French branch of Helsinki Citizens
  • CNAPD, Belgium
  • WEED - World Econmy, Ecology & Development Assoc. Germany