Precarity in Europe – mechanisms and mobilisation

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Sunday 27th – 11.15-13.15
English, French
 GA 139  Introductory, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

1) Mechanisms, the scope and diversity of precarity: the national and European legislation that has been causing precarity since 1974 to make the labour market more flexible and reduce the cost of labour. Part-time work, temporary contracts, visas for immigrants, facilitation of redundancies, reform of pensions and social services, etc. How many people in Europe live in precarity? Who are they?

2) How do those living in precarity in Europe organise themselves? What are their demands – shared with other social or specific organisations, and what rights have the managed to gain? What forms of fights do they engage in to mobilise and obtain new rights for people who are poor and working in precarious conditions in Europe?


-* Ernest Gutiérrez Garcia - L’Observatoire DESC (Espagne)
  • Françoise Clément - Attac (France)
  • François Piquemale - DAL (France)


  • Attac France
  • DAL Toulouse
  • Observatori DESC