Climate Jobs Campaigns in Europe (Public presentation)

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Thursday 24th – 14:15-16:15
English, French
 Amphi C  Introductory

In several European countries (UK, Portugal, France, Norway) a climate-job campaign has been launched demonstrating the job creation potential within the ecological and social transformation processes of our society all over Europe. Representatives of the national campaigns will present their main messages focusing on similarities and differences between the national approaches. Followed by an exchange with the audience.


Speakers - FRANCE: Meike Fink is working for the Climate Action Network France. She is in charge of a “just transition” campaign.
PORTUGAL; Sinan Eden, Climaximo
UK: Clara Paillard, One Million Climate Jobs and PCS union


  • Climate Action Network France
  • Fédération Syndicale Unitaire
  • One Million Climate Jobs UK
  • Bridge to the Future
  • Empregos para o Clima - Climate Jobs Portugal
  • Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung