The public’s involvement in managing water services in Europe

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Saturday, 26th – 14:15-16:15
German, Spanish, French
 GA 142  Introductory, Experience in activism preferable, This activity aims at building)), strengthening or organising networks

Returning the management of water services and purification to the public should always be combined with civil society participation in the governance of these services. Using case studies in Berlin, Naples, Montpellier and Terrassa, we will describe existing or desired mechanisms for public participation and analyse the strengths and weaknesses to establish what we should demand.


-* Dorothea Härlin, porte-parole pour l’international du Berliner Wassertisch, membre d’Attac Allemagne
  • Consiglia Salvio - Comitato acqua pubblica di Napoli
  • Thierry Uso, Eau Secours 34, animateur de la commission Eau d’Attac France
  • Juan Martinez - Taula de l’aigua de Terrassa


  • European Water Movement, Europe
  • Aquattac, Europe
  • Food & Water Europe, Europe
  • Berliner Wassertisch, Allemagne
  • Aigua es Vida, Catalogne/Espagne