EU Water policy, challenges, lessons learned and the way forward

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Friday 25th – 14:15-16:15
English, French
 GA 139  Introductory, Experience in activism preferable

We present the highlights of European water policy since the previous ESU: transposition of the concession directive, battles for the right to water in Ireland and Greece, threat of CETA on water. Then we explain why we must be vigilant on the revision of the water framework directive that has just started and on the EU will to develop water trading and more partnership with the private sector.


Bernard Mounier, president of Coordination Eau Bien Commun PACA, member of Attac France
Thierry Uso, coordinator of the water committee of Attac France, member of Eau Secours 34
David Sanchez, Food & Water Europe’s campaign officer
Maria Kanelopoulo, SaveGreekWater’s spokesperson for the international
Yiorgos Archontopoulos, SOSte To Nero, president of Thessaloniki water and sewerage workers’ union
??, Right2water Ireland


  • European Water Movement, Europe
  • Aquattac, Europe
  • Food & Water Europe, Europe
  • Wasser in Bürgerhand, Germany
  • Coordination Eau Bien Commun PACA, France
  • SaveGreekWater, Greece