To be effective in thinking about another world and resisting the current system, we know activists need to be fed.

Which is why we are already working on diverse solutions to offer participants of ESU 2017 quality food at a reasonable price (between €3 and 12). Several mobile street food stalls from the Toulouse region, as well as a coop canteen installed within the grounds of the university offer us a healthy, varied, local and organic diet.

Let your chops water, it’s time!

Escales Créoles

“Creole Stopover”
Are you looking for a tax haven… Oh sorry… a haven for your tastebuds? Here are some dishes from Réunion which should satisfy you! For less than €7.50 Escales Créoles offers rougail saucisse (sausages in spicy sauce), achards de legumes (vegetable pickles), samosas, appetizers, accras de morue (cod dumplings), beignets de patate douce (sweet potato dumplings)...

Les ptits plats d’Eva

“Eva’s Little Dishes”
Local food with far away flavours (vegetables from the Noueilles community garden, free range black pig and chicken, vegetable dumplings, coconut curry…). It’s local and it’s for all budgets. Between €3 and 10, is all you need to enjoy a delicious meal with Les ptits plats d’Eva.


Hungry for a decent burger to regain your strength after an afternoon full of debates? You’re in luck because there are good ones at Mc’Isard . And whether you are more of a vege, or more of a meat eater, you’ll find one that suits you (between €7 and 13)! Served with fries or ratatouilles!

La Cassole en herbe

“Casserole on the Grass”
It’s the moment to savour a tasty dish produced by organic farming and local peasant farmers! Install yourself on the lawn of Jean Jaurès University and enjoy your Cassole en herbe ! It will cost €10 for an osso buco or a vegetarian dish.

De l’eau à mon moulin

“From the Water to My Mill”
And a crêpe, finally! From garnished vegetarian galettes to sweet pancakes. Treat yourself to a delicious meal for around €10. It’s happening at De l’eau à mon moulin.


Ex-students from Jean Jurès University got together to create this cooperative which feeds students vegetarian and vegan meals on a daily basis. It’s tasty, it’s alternative and it will only cost you €8 to dine at Curupira !

Caravane petit pois

“Pea Caravan”
Take care of you. That’s what the organic, vegetarian and gluten free dishes of the Caravane petit pois are there for. On the menu, gazpacho, pies and cakes from €3 to 10.


“The Epicurious”
Local products, vegetarian or vegan dishes, all with or without gluten; it’s possible! Be a little Épicurieux and treat yourself to salads, gazpacho, sandwiches, bagels, muffins, smoothies and gourmet desserts between €5.50 and 10.


Everything here is local and vegan. Raw or cooked, discover the tasty little dishes concocted by Veggiespank : vegetable cheeses, waffles, crudités, complete and balanced meals or even vegetable paninis.

And once your belly is full, it’s time to go back for new activities… or perhaps for a little siesta!