More alter-globalist than ever!

Today more than ever, there is a chance for a different type of globalisation! Based on respect for fundamental human rights, solidarity between people against the power of multinationals and finance, from now on we will build on it, with other social movements, in Europe and throughout the world. The European Summer University will mark an important step in this struggle that will bring together more than 1000 participants from dozens of countries.

At the hour of xenophobic Donald Trump’s victory, of the rise of the extreme right and of a Brexit sustained by a rejection of immigration, we need to take action. The social movement has a major role to play in raising the awareness of the citizens of Europe and elsewhere and rallying them: the system founded on finance and commodification poses the threat of a widespread crisis. We cannot fail to respond when faced with increasing inequality and poverty, with global warming, with the decline of democracy in Europe, in the United States and in the world. Let’s show that it is possible from this time on to build alternatives, starting with local and European initiatives.

Let’s make sure we go to Toulouse in large numbers, from 23 to 27 August 2017, to make the European university for social movements a popular success!

In the wake of numerous citizens’ initiatives, this university will be the chance for a celebratory meeting of activists from European and international social and anti-globalisation movements. This highlight will allow us to exchange ideas, coordinate our actions against free trade agreements, for climate justice or even for dismantling the markets. And together we can sketch the outlines of a fairer and more mutually supportive world.

Uncertainty is widespread and the political and social stages are in turmoil. Whatever happens, we need to discuss it and we will be in Toulouse this summer!

Aurélie Trouvé and Dominique Plihon
Attac France’s spokespersons